Gender bias when assessing recommended ecology articles

Bradshaw C.J. & Courchamp F. 2018.
Rethinking Ecology. 3,1.
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Can species distribution models really predict the expansion of invasive species?

Barbet-Massin M., Rome Q., Villemant C. & Courchamp F. 2018.
PLoS One. 13 (3), e0193085.
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A final warning to planet Earth

Chapron G., Levrel H., Meinard Y. & Courchamp F. 2018.
Trends in Ecology and Evolution. DOI:
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Science responses to IUCN Red Listing

Jarić I., Roberts D.L., Gessner J., Solow, A.R. & Courchamp F. 2017.
PeerJ. 5:e4025.
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Predicting species distribution combining multi-scale drivers

Fournier A., Barbet-Massin M., Rome Q. & Courchamp F. 2017.
Global Ecology and Conservation. 12:215-2269.
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100 articles every ecologist should read

Courchamp F. & Bradshaw C.J.A. 2017.
Nature Ecology Evolution. doi:10.1038/s41559-017-0370-9 (see full list here)
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Allee effects in social species

Angulo E., Luque G., Gregory S., Wenzel J., Bessa-Gomes C., Berec L. & Courchamp F. 2017.
Journal of Animal Ecology. In press. DOI: 10.1111/1365‐2656.12759.
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Live-in if you must: density-dependent nest-sharing between two competitive ant species

Bank A., Luque G. & Courchamp F. 2017.
Current Science. 112(8): 1631-1632.
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Satire for Conservation in the 21st Century

Chapron G., Levrel H., Meinard Y. & Courchamp F. 2018.
Trends in Ecology and Evolution. DOI:
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Invasion Biology: specific problems and possible solutions

Courchamp F., Fournier A., Bellard C., Bertelsmeier C., Bonnaud E., Jeschke J.M. & Russell J.C. 2017.
Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 32(1): 13-22.
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Invasive-mammal eradication on islands results in substantial conservation gains

Jones H.P., Holmes N.D., Butchart S.H.M., Tershy B.R., Kappes P.J., Corkery I., Aguirre-Muñoz A., Armstrong D.P., Bonnaud E., Burbidge A.A., Campbell K., Courchamp F., Cowan P., Cuthbert R.J., Ebbert S., Genovesi P., Howald G.R., Keitt B.S., Kress S.W., Miskelly C.M., Oppel S., Poncet S., Rauzon M.J., Rocamora G., Russell J.C., Samaniego-Herrera A., Seddon P.J., Spatz D.R., Towns D.R., & Croll D.A. 2016.
P.N.A.S. USA . DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1521179113.
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Massive yet grossly underestimated global costs of invasive insects

Bradshaw C.J.A., Leroy B., Bellard C., Roiz D., Albert C., Fournier A., Barbet-Massin M., Salles J.-M., Simard F. & Courchamp F. 2016.
Nature Communications . 7:12986 | DOI: 10.1038/ncomms12986.
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Data mining in conservation research using Latin and vernacular species names

Jarić I, Courchamp F., Gessner J. & Roberts D.L. 2016.
PeerJ. 4:e2202; DOI 10.7717/peerj.2202.
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