iEcology: Harnessing Large Online Resources to Generate Ecological Insights

Ivan Jarić, Ricardo A. Correia, Barry W. Brook, Jessie C. Buettel, Franck Courchamp, Enrico Di Minin, Josh A. Firth, Kevin J. Gaston, Paul Jepson, Gregor Kalinkat, Richard Ladle, Andrea Soriano-Redondo, Allan T. Souza, and Uri Roll. 2020.
Trends in Ecology & Evolution, Month 2020, Vol. xx, No. xx In press.

The role of species charisma in biological invasions

Jarić I., Courchamp F., Correia R.A., Crowley S.L., Essl F., Fischer A., González-Moreno P., Kalinkat G., Lambin X., Lenzner B., Meinard Y., Mill A., Musseau C., Novoa A., Pergl J., Pyšek P., Pyšková K., Robertson P., von Schmalensee M., Shackleton R.T., Stefansson R.A., Štajerová K., Veríssimo D., Jeschke J.M. 2019.
Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. In press.

The economic cost of control of the invasive yellow-legged Asian hornet

Barbet-Massin M., Salles J.M. & Courchamp F. 2019.
Neobiota. In press.

Uncertainty in native range definitions does not invalidate invasion biology

Courchamp F., Hulme P. & Pyšek P. 2019.
Conservation Biology. In press.

Introducing AlienScenarios: a project to develop scenarios and models of biological invasions for the 21st century

Essl, F., Lenzner, B., Courchamp, F., Dullinger, S., Jeschke, J. M., Kühn, I., Leung, B., Moser, D., Roura-Pascual, N. & Seebens, H., 2019.
NeoBiota. 1619-0033.

Using Network Theory to Understand and Predict Biological Invasions

Frost C.M., Warwick A.J., Courchamp F., Jeschke J.M., Saul W.C. & Wardle D.A. 2019.
Trends in Ecology & Evolution.

Predicting future invaders and future invasions

Fournier A., Penone C., Pennino M.G. & Courchamp F. 2019.
PNAS USA. 116/16: 7905-7910.

Are we eating the world’s megafauna to extinction?

Ripple W.J., Wolf C., Newsome T.M., Betts M.G., Ceballos G., Courchamp F., Hayward M.W., Van Valkenburgh B., Wallach A.D. & Worm B.. 2019.
Conservation Letters. DOI: 10.1111/conl.12627

Biodiversity assessments : Origin matters

Pauchard A., Meyerson L.A., Bacher S., Blackburn T.M., Brundu G., Cadotte M.W., Courchamp C., Essl F., Genovesi P., Haider S., Holmes N.D., Hulme P.E., Jeschke J.M., Lockwood J.L., Novoa A., Nuñez M.A., Peltzer D.A., Pysek P., Richardson D.M., Simberloff D., Smith K., van Wilgen B.W., Vilà M., Wilson J.R.U., Winter M., Zenni R.D. 2018.
PLoS Biology.

On the overlap between scientific and societal taxonomic attentions – insights for conservation

Jarić I., Correia R.A., Roberts D.L., Gessner J., Meinard Y. & Courchamp F. 2019.
Science of the Total Environment. 648 772–778
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The twenty most charismatic species

Albert C., Luque G.M. & Courchamp F. 2018.
PLoS One. 13(7): e0199149.
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Insular threat associations within taxa worldwide

Leclerc C., Courchamp F. & Bellard C. 2018.
Scientific Reports. 8 (1), 6393.
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The paradoxical extinction of the most charismatic animals

Courchamp F., Jarić I., Albert C., Meinard Y., Ripple W.J. & Chapron G. 2018.
PLoS Biology. 16 (4), e2003997.
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