The native ant Lasius niger can limit the access to resources of the invasive Argentine ant

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Future climate change vulnerability of endemic island mammals

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Industrial rearing of edible insects could be a major source of new biological invasions

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What Will the Future Bring for Biological Invasions on Islands? An Expert-Based Assessment

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Biodiversity loss, emerging pathogens and human health risks

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Mechanistic reconciliation of community and invasion ecology

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What are the costs of biological invasions? A complex topic requiring international and interdisciplinary expertise

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Invasion costs, impacts, and human agency: Response to Sagoff 2020

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InvaCost: a public database of the global economic costs of biological invasions

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Make Open Access publishing fair and transparent

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Need for routine tracking of biological invasions

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Societal attention toward extinction threats: a comparison between climate change and biological invasions

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iEcology: Harnessing Large Online Resources to Generate Ecological Insights

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